Roberto Buccione

Address: Head, Tumor Cell Invasion Laboratory
Department of Cell Biology and Oncology
Consorzio Mario Negri Sud
Via Nazionale 8/A
S. Maria Imbaro (Chieti) 66030
Phone: +39 0872 570336
Fax: +39 0872 570412

Research Interests

Invadopodia recapitulate the initial steps of tumor cell invasion by maintaining a highly polarized organization finalized towards the focal degradation of the ECM. As such they also represent a powerful paradigm to study the tight interactions between the cytoskeleton, signaling and trafficking machineries,

Work in our laboratory adopts a two-pronged approach aimed at investigating the:

1) Role of, and interactions between, key components of the invadopodia machinery. These include previously known components with a strong focus on the multidomain Src-substrate cortactin and the large GTPase dynamin, potential linkers between the cytoskeleton, signaling and trafficking machineries.

2) Organization of polarized activities at invadopodia. This line of research is based on the assumption that invadopodia are specialized membrane domains with polarized trafficking activities. A strong focus is on the role of protein sorting and membrane compartmentalization.

These approaches are multidisciplinary, encompassing biochemical, morphological and molecular techniques.

In parallel, we are carrying out experimental procedures to accelerate new component discovery. This is based on proteomics of invadopodia, together with an siRNA high content screen-based strategy.