Chi-Ming Hai

Address: Department of Molecular Pharmacology, Physiology & Biotechnology
Brown University, Box G-B3
171 Meeting Street
Providence, Rhode Island 02912
Phone: +1 401 863 3288
Fax: +1 401 863 1222

Research Interests

Podosomes in vascular smooth muscle cells and their pathophysiological role in proliferative vascular diseases are our general area of interest. PKC, Erk1/2 MAPK, and caldesmon-dependent regulation of podosome dynamics is our current research focus. PKC and Erk1/2 MAPK are signaling molecules involved in the regulation of podosome turnover. Caldesmon is an actin-binding protein involved in the regulation of actin cytoskeletal remodeling and contractility. Erk/12 MAPK and caldesmon are both regulated by phosphorylation. Dysfunction in the expression and/or phosphorylation of Erk1/2 and caldesmon may contribute to the invasion of vascular smooth muscle cells from media to intima in proliferative vascular diseases such as atherosclerosis.